Privacy Policy

Spell Better for iPad itself does not track usage and does not log or send any data to an external server for any reason. There is no advertising within the app. It does not contain any 3rd-party software or services and all core features work offline even without an internet connection.

Spell Better runs on the Apple, Inc. iOS mobile operating system.
iOS runs some services that impact your privacy:

  1. If you use iCloud on iOS and enable the Backup service, your saved Notes in Spell Better are backed up by iOS to Apple's iCloud servers over an encrypted connection. (You can disable iCloud or Backups in iOS to prevent this).

  2. If you use Speech Recognition in Spell Better, your speech and related data are transmitted by iOS to Apple, Inc. and/or their partners over an encrypted connection. (You can turn off "Dictation" in iOS to disable Speech Recognition).

The two points above fall under the Apple, Inc. Privacy Policy.

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